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We Created Dr. Carey’s For You


We believe baby care should be fun and simple. This common sense approach is our inspiration as we create content that is complete, concise and most importantly, all about you and your baby. Opinions on baby care are endless and there is no single answer that is correct for everyone. When you are presented with one answer among a sea of possible options, you deserve an explanation for why that option was chosen. Should you have questions or suggestions, please contact us. This book has been created with your help and is all about you and your baby.

Who is Dr. Carey?

Dr. Carey is a pediatrician in Ventura, California. Over twenty years of experience, countless patient interactions and input from people like you have gone into his printed book and this online e-book. In addition to his published book, Dr. Carey has hosted a Baby Care show on CAPS-TV that was aired on over 20 public access channels across the United States, he has written for Ventura Parent Magazine and has been a guest speaker at countless expectant parent classes. He is an expert consultant for iBirth and his videos and content can be found on many avenues across the social media spectrum.

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Your Role in Dr. Carey’s


Your baby and your feedback are the heart of Dr. Carey’s Baby Care. Our active International Facebook following is much appreciated proof of your involvement. All our pictures in the online e-book are from readers like you. Send us pictures, send us comments, send us your story. Journeys should be fun and ever evolving. Thank you for being part of our community and for your help in shaping things to come. At Dr. Carey’s, We Teach Baby Care.