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Feeding A Newborn

Creating a Zen-Like Moment


  • Feeding your baby should be a relaxing experience
  • Change your baby and wash your hands before feeding
  • Find a quiet place to feed your baby
  • Position yourself for comfort
  • Make sure your baby is engaged


Picture yourself in Hawaii, relaxing on the beach with the waves breaking in the background, a gentle breeze keeping you cool, cell phone out of reach and a baby hanging off your breast. This may not be the image of a dream vacation as pictured in Travel + Leisure, but learning to disengage from the world before engaging with your baby can lead to a very relaxing and fulfilling experience. Furthermore, you need not travel to Hawaii. Whether breast- or bottle-feeding, simply follow these steps to help you relax.

  • Germ-Free Zone. You are the chef in this restaurant. Start by washing your hands. Soap and water is the best protection for preventing the spread of infection to your baby. If your baby’s diaper is wet or soiled, best to start by cleaning up the little one before cleaning up yourself.
  • Location, Location, Location. Create your own Hawaii. Find a comfortable chair in a quiet room with soft music in the background and the telephone conveniently out of reach. If you have other children, allow them to amuse themselves or have dad or someone else divert their attention. The fewer distractions you face, the better.
  •  Comfort Is Key. Both you and your baby should be as relaxed as possible. Once you are settled with proper back and arm support, loosen your baby from that swaddle and be sure you are positioned in a way that will be comfortable for at least thirty minutes.
  • Engage Your Baby. If it’s time to eat and your baby is sleeping, gently wake your child. Should your baby be crying, simply soothe and rock your child, allowing your baby to become calm and relax. With practice, you will learn how to transition your baby back to a state of calm.

While feeding, don’t forget to comfort and soothe your little one. A loving touch and a gentle kiss does wonders for both your baby and you. Stopping to burp your baby once or twice during feeds doesn’t hurt either. Don’t relax to the point of forgetting to meet your baby’s needs. In a short while, your vacation will be over, but don’t worry, you will be back in Hawaii soon. Aloha.

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